Welcome!  I am a recent graduate of Amherst College and the Improv Olympic.  I currently reside in Chicago, IL.  If you have found your way here, chances are you are a close personal friend, in which case, it is your moral obligation to e-mail me.  If you happen not to be a close personal friend, I'm sorry, friendship is a wonderful thing, but I understand, some of us are more independent than others.
I've just added a childhood scrapbook page.
Click on this early school picture to see more of me as a child...

And what is The Piero Project?  Sounds interesting.  I wish I were in on it.
 Piero Town?  Now, I think we're going a bit far (Although, Piero Tonin assures me that it says "Piero Tonin." A likely story, I say.  I mean who names a town "Piero Tonin"?) .



                    My family is a wacky bunch.  Especially this crazy little one (it's always the little ones).  Click on us if you dare to see the rest of the fam...




              Here are 25 of us all crammed into my castle in the sky (301 Hamilton) please click on us to go see more of my friends...


Well, that's all for now.  Thanks for visiting!

Back to the basics...