There's No Place Like Home
Here is the same picture only a little bigger.
...the shorter one you've seen before, the taller one is my other sister, Pia...
...and here is a picture of Pia, taken in front of a
ruthless storm...
...and here are my grandparents.  Do you like their back yard? (Looks remarkably like the Amherst fields.)
 My father is the one in the middle.  Can you see the resemblance?
This handsome couple is my father and my step-mother.  I don't think we've ever used any of the cookware hanging on the wall.
...These are my other grandparents.  They take some time out from chopping firewood for
a hug and a quick picture...
...the tall one on the right is my great grandfather; the short one
on the right is not quite sure who he is...
    ...Here, I share a drink with Ian, my father, and Mark, one of our next door neighbors.  This picture was
taken at their house at the lake.  Ian and I had some great adventures that weekend.  Click on us,
for a glimpse.
        Ben loves coming over for dinner.  Here, he debates some philosophical issues with my father.

That's all I have for now, but the others will be up soon, don't you worry!  In the meantime, this is your chance to back out.