...Back When I was a Kid...
        Welcome to my childhood scrapbook.  I was very cute as a child and, no, I don't know what happened since.   Anyway, here I am in some of my finest Kodak moments...
        This is, perhaps, my earliest photo.
Even then, the camera would catch me with my eyes closed.
        I've always been a big TV fan.
 Here, I spend some quality time
with my good friend, Bugs...
...and, here, I spend some quality time with my father.
Nothing like a scooter ride through
the countryside of Italy and a break for some cherries...
        ...my second Christmas was very exciting because my dad carved me
this wonderful rocking horse.  It has since lost its head, but we kept it so
if my father ever decides to embark on another one of his "fix-er-up" projects,
I may one day ride again...
        ...I used to help out with the raking in the back yard.
Of course, that was before I realized that it might be
misconstrued as exercise...
        ...Evidently, when I was young,  my parents got their kicks
from dressing me funny and propping me up with my stuffed animal friends...
...and here I am with another early friend of mine!!!
        I used to be quite the musician.
Here I am at about seven years old,
trying to play the violin.  Of course,
I soon gave it up when I found out
that you just need to be able to do
percussion for them to let you into an
a cappella group.  I mean, they won't
let you direct, but...
...hey, I've already done that!  This is me
directing my nursery school class in some
clap-your-hands-stamp-your-feet orchestral
masterpiece.  I've always been quite the ham....
...here, my step-mom endures
my stage-struck antics.
Halloween was always fun,
and this little prince definitely
enjoyed his one-night reign.
     Pico was one of my best friends, growing up.
I mean, he didn't talk much and he definitely didn't listen,
but we had one of those quiet understandings.
Anyway, here we are together, when we were
both still young pups.

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