In Vitro Hypermutation

        Before finally settling into a project on In Vitro Hypermutation, I spent a great deal of time in the Goldsby lab working on a collaborative effort with the Ratner, Hansen, and O'Hara labs to discover catalytic antibodies in the B-cells of the germinal center.  As a result, I developed several explanatory animations, which you will find here.

In Vitro Hypermutation (someday, there may even be figures).

        After my fellow thesis-writers and I finished presenting our work to the department, I was lucky enough to be granted permission to discuss another project that I had been exploring on the side.  Fortunately, we happen to have a written transcript of that very presentation.  If you are interested, you will find it here.

That's very interesting, but by now I'd rather be at home.  I'd rather be just about anywhere, even school...