lllllllllla and Co!
 Here is Camilllllllllllla and her much cooler younger sister, Marina!
...and, since I've never been to Brazil, the sisters
let me stand between two authentic Brazillians
to get a feel for the culture.
Here, Camillllllllllla and I play one of our favorite games:
Keep on Talking.
...and this is Tom, one of Camilllllllllllllllla's crazier friends
(and mine, as well).  Here, we see him ready fo a little late night reading.
Ian sometimes helps me keep an eye on the little ambassador.
Here, he shares the priviledge of her fluffy comforter.
Wanna see more of him?  Just click on their picture...
Here I am with Josie and Meghna.  Together, we are 3 of Camilllla's favorite people
(especially Josie).  They are in Amherst with me this summer.
 If you click on us, you can see some pictures from last summer as well.
...and here are some more of Camillllllla's favorite people: the bio faculty.  Apparantly the
"crossed arms" look is in this year.
Believe it or not, Camillllllllllla is also hidden somewhere in this melange of people.
I'll give you a hint: she has a really big head and is right in the middle.  When you're done
looking for her you can click on the picture to return to my friends page.

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